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Hangzhou Chaoli sporting goods Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is committed to the R & D, design, production, sales and service of billiards equipment with the core of innovation, focus, focus, service and gratitude. It provides customers with all kinds of British, American, Chinese, Korean, dining table, sculpture, Russian, multi-functional table, coin table, high-end private customized billiards table, etc. And billiards accessories, and is the only one in China to provide high-end customized service billiards table factory.

After more than ten years of rapid development, super sports now has a 5000 ㎡ modern standard factory building in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. It has built a group of high-quality R & D, production and management teams of nearly 100 people, upgraded production equipment, introduced advanced production technology, optimized production process, strictly selected high-quality materials, and inspected the whole process, forming a relatively complete set of R & D, production and Quality assurance system, the current annual output of 15000 sets! The products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. At present, it has more than 50 domestic agents and distributors, with an annual sales volume of 60 million yuan, and its market share ranks the top five in the country.

With the improvement of living standards and aesthetic standards, especially the rise of the middle class, people no longer pursue the same popular products. Instead, diversified, personalized and light luxury products have become the mainstream of the market. In response to the demand of more and more high-end private billiards tables, super sports introduced the British high-end billiards brand kimbrel in 2017. As the only designated operator of UK kimbrel in China, super sports has filled the market gap of domestic high-end customization of billiard table. Kimbrel's patented products have been leading the development of high-end private customized billiard table and are the leading brand of high-end private customized billiard table.

Super strength has always regarded R & D and quality as the core driving force for enterprise development. Over the years, it has worked hard to forge ahead, and its products have been recognized by consumers. It has won AAA credit unit of China's sporting goods industry, 3.15 quality service customer satisfaction credit unit of China, 10 brand credit units of China's sporting goods industry, excellent credit unit of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang city. Consumers are most satisfied with the brand units and other honors. The products have repeatedly become the designated platform for high-end events such as the National Youth American billiards competition and Zhejiang women's nine ball competition. At present, it has become the leading manufacturer of domestic billiards industry and the leader of high-end customized table, leading the development trend of Chinese billiards market.

In the future, with the vision of "creating a global leading brand of innovative billiards equipment" and the mission of "bringing billiards to thousands of households and promoting the development of billiards culture", super power will continue to improve the competitiveness of its products, integrate new trends, technologies and processes into billiards manufacturing, and bring happy billiards experience and unique sports charm to the majority of users.

New starting point, new journey. Super power has hired professional consulting agencies to sort out development strategies, build business models, and escort super power's development throughout the whole process; comprehensively optimize product mix, create richer product lines and more competitive products; expand modern factory buildings, improve automation capabilities, focus on every detail, realize the customer-centered concept, build a "020" marketing model, and open up Global investment promotion, building an offline network dominated by urban sales service providers, establishing a service system for sales service providers, billiards clubs and billiards fans, through business integration, listing equity incentive and other ways, let all super people and "super" dream, grow, share and succeed together.

Looking back on the past, ten years, the years are changing, our original mind is unchanged. Ten years of fame, gratitude, we set sail again, "super force" people have been ready to work with partners to create a brilliant tomorrow.